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TAT 2014 was held in Washington, DC, USA, March 5-7, 2014, under the chairmanship of Professor Giuseppe Giaccone, Lombardi Cancer Center at Georgetown University, Washington, DC. The meeting which was organized according to the highly successful format and standards of previous TAT congresses, attracted some 300 delegates from 30 different countries.

  img 3020TAT 2014 President, dr. Beppe Giaccone, and
TAT 2014 Honorary Award Lecturer, dr. Pat LoRusso

Dr. Patricia M. LoRusso, Karmanos Cancer Institute and Wayne State University School of Medicine, Detroit, MI, presented the TAT 2014 Honorary Award Lecture on "The Changing Landscape of Early Phase trials". Dr. LoRusso is one of the most productive oncology phase 1 investigators in oncology. Her work as a phase 1 investigator covers a wide range of molecules and drug targets and also novel drug combinations. In her program, she has worked with over 13 agents which are now FDA-approved.

img 3028Lively discussion in the session on new immunological therapies with
(from left to right) Michael Atkins (Washington, DC), Henk verheul (Amsterdam),
Steven Rosenberg (Bethesda, MD), Julie Brahmer (Baltimore, MD), and
Stephen Hodi (Boston, MA)

TAT 2014 offered presentations on a broad range of new promising molecular targets and targeted cancer therapuetics in the early phases of clinical development, including anti-PD-1 and anti-PD-L1 imunue checkpoint inhibitors  and cell therapy (session 2), cdk4/6 as cell cycle targets (session 4); fibroblast growth factor receptors (session 9), and a range of further molecular targets and their inhibitors being studied in eraly-phase clinical trails. Special sessions were devoted to the role of genomics in early-phase drug development (Session 6), lessons learnt from problematic drug development on several drug targets (session 7), and drug resistance to targeted agents (session 11).






































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