Stratified Oncology Cell DNA Repair And Tumor immune Elimination
Granted by the french National Cancer Institute (INCa), SIRIC-SOCRATE is a comprehensive cancer research program linking fundamental, translational, clinical as well as social and human sciences at Gustave Roussy. Directed by Jean-Charles SORIA, this program focuses on three integrated research programs headed by a fundamental and a clinical researcher :

  • DNA Repair (Filippo ROSSELLI/Eric DEUTSCH)
    Aim : Understand DNA damage response related molecular mechanisms for improving patient’s selection and efficiency of chemotherapy/radiotherapy
  • Onco-Immunology (Laurence ZITVOGEL/Caroline ROBERT)
    Aim : Identify new strategies for immune-based cancer treatment
  • Precision Medicine (Olivier BERNARD/Fabrice ANDRE)
    Aim : Set up targeted therapy by identifying patient’s specific oncological events while anticipating resistance mechanisms

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